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Come and Enjoy the Rosemary’s Experience

The West Village in lower Manhattan is a cozy neighborhood teeming
with red brick store fronts, theaters, and a multitude of restaurants.
In one corner sits ROSEMARY’S, a friendly restaurant with a rooftop farm and a stylish,
yet at-home interior. Named after owner Carlos Suarez’s mother Rosemary,
the food menu is inspired by her own home cooking from Tuscany, Italy.
Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients,
ROSEMARY’S has become one of the most popular gathering spots for West Village residents.
Come and enjoy the food and ambiance of New York’s top cafe & restaurant here in Tokyo.


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【Weekday】11:00-22:00(Food LO 21:00 / Drink LO 21:30)
【Weekend】11:00-22:00(Food LO 21:00 / Drink LO 21:30)

Operated by CAFE COMPANY


  • We take phone reservations between 14:00 - 17:00. For all other times, please make your reservation online.

A Piece of West Village in Tokyo

When creating ROSEMARY’S, owner Carlos Suarez drew from his experience traveling
and living all over Europe and Latin America.
He partnered with executive chef Wade Moises to preserve the authentic flavors from Lucca in Tuscany,
Italy while advancing the menu to more modern sensibilities.

ROSEMARY’S balances a casual and at-home environment with the highest quality of customer service.
Since it first opened, the restaurant has become a regular gathering spot for the community
in West Village and is know as it’s number one cafe & restaurant.

With its unique rooftop farm and partnering with local farms and producers,
ROSEMARY’S has become a trend setting restaurant model in New York.
We were selected as on of The 10 Best (Real) Farm-to-Table Restaurants in NYC by the Village Voice magazine.

For our Tokyo location, we’ve kept the same at-home rustic interior,
and provide a huge outdoor terrace area overlooking the Shinjuku skyline.
We’ve also preserved the model of working with local farmers
and produces to provide only the freshest ingredients.
Certainly a first for Tokyo, we’ve also replicated the rooftop farm.
While preserving the original New York food menu, we’ve also added several only-in-Tokyo dishes.

Come with friends and family to share a bottle of wine, chat over authentic Italian cuisine,
and enjoy the tremendous view over Tokyo.

We take phone reservations between 14:00 - 17:00. For all other times, please make your reservation online.